I’ve had two weird dreams in the past few days. I usually don’t remember my dreams. I’ve also been waking up before my alarm. On Monday morning I dreamt that I was bitten on my left big toe by a cobra. Elise and I were visiting with some random anglo man outside of a temple type building. I looked up and noticed a cobra dangling from a wooden cylinder that was part of the building’s architecture. As I stepped away, I felt a sharp pain on my foot. I looked down to see a cobra letting loose of my toe and slithering off.

I asked Elise and Mr. Random Anglo to rush me to the hospital. They were in no hurry. I started getting mad. I told them that I was beginning to feel light headed. Still no rush. Elise and Mr. Anglo just continued to talk. I began walking to the Jeep, I guess to take myself to the hospital and that’s when the alarm went off.

I told Elise about this dream. She wondered if I felt as if she was neglecting me in some way.

I had a dream this morning where a group of us witnessed a man who was run over by one of those rolling pin tractors that are used when paving a road. He wasn’t crushed, he was just pressed into the ground. He pulled himself out of his self-shaped hole and started walking around.

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