Father’s day, belated Spurs win. Yay.

Elise and I spent a relaxing weekend at my parents’ house. We both left work a little early on Friday due to a torrential downpour accompanied by thunder and lightening which knocked the office’s power out. Elise and I arrived at my parents’ house around 8. Elise and I ate dinner, talked for a while and went to bed.

I woke up at 6 a.m. on Saturday (don’t ask me why) and changed the oil in the Jeep. We all had breakfast and went to Sealy for a little thrift store shopping. I bought 20 issues of Popular Science magazines ranging in date from 1948-1950. I was hoping to sell them on eBay for a hefty profit. That doesn’t look like it’s happening. I guess I’m stuck with reading on how to construct a volcano at home and vacuum tube computer theories.

We had lunch at that hamburger joint in New Ulm… Texas Star Cafe or something like that. Really good hamburgers for very little money. Not the healthiest thing, but a bacon and jalapeno cheeseburger runs you around $2.95. And these aren’t wimpy little hamburgers either.

After lunch we went to The Barn at New Ulm. It’s a little woodworking shop. They make nice things, but man are they expensive. I hit them up to design a website for the store.

Next we stopped and visited with Foster and Lucille, friends of my parents’. We stayed and visited for a couple hours and all came home to relax for a while.

At 7 p.m. sharp we all went outside and herded up the cows to be wormed. My parents lost a calf to blackleg last week so I had the honors of administering a vaccine to three calves. That was pretty cool. I’ve never given a subcutaneous injection before.

Elise and I stayed up late that night and tried to take pictures of the lightening storm in the north. We were armed only with my Mom’s digital camera, so we didn’t get any shots.

Elise and I slept in on Sunday. We gave Dad his Father’s Day card and a bottle of Dewar’s. We lounged around, read the newspaper, watched TV – that sort of stuff. I made chicken enchiladas for a late Dad’s day lunch.

Elise and I headed for Austin around 6. We got home just in time to watch the Spurs beat the Nets in the sixth game for the championship. Talk about the most exciting finals series I have ever seen. I write that with the absolute smallest amount of enthusiasm known to man. I don’t know why I didn’t just write that watching the NBA finals this year was as much fun as eating caterpillars. I love Texas and all, but the Spurs just don’t do it for me. And in this series, if you can barely score 90 points, I’m probably going to repeatedly spear forks into my nostrils and subject myself to watching anything featuring Christopher Lowell instead.

Game 1: San Antonio 101 New Jersey 89
Game 2: New Jersey 87 San Antonio 85
Game 3: San Antonio 84 New Jersey 79
Game 4: New Jersey 77 San Antonio 76
Game 5: San Antonio 93 New Jersey 83
Game 6: San Antonio 88 New Jersey 77

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