Casino El Camino, rose man

It’s Saturday morning. It’s 7 a.m., Saturday morning. It’s 7 a.m., Saturday morning and I’m showered, shaved, have eaten and am ready to…. take a nap. I don’t know why I got up so early today – guess it’s habit. I wish I could get out of bed that easily during the week!

I took Elise to Casino El Camino for hamburgers last night. Well, I had a hamburger, Elise had a veggie thing, it being Lent and all. I had been wanting to eat there for a really long time. I’ve always liked Casino El Camino – it’s one of those bars on 6th that’s been in Austin longer than I have. It’s one of those establishments where you can come as you are and you’d probably get laughed out the door if you asked for an apple martini or a spot to plug in your laptop. In my opinion, it’s homey. It’s a place by which the masses walk quickly on their way to the to-be-seen bars and pubs downtown.

I ordered a Coke on tap, Elise had a hefeweizen. I then went to the kitchen window to order our dinner. Elise chose the Blackjack – grilled eggplant, roasted tomato, provolone cheese, romaine, olive tapenade and shallot mayo on a multigrain bun. I opted for the Buffalo Burger – a half-pound burger grilled with hot wing sauce and smothered with bleu cheese. The cook asked me if I wanted mild, medium or hot sauce. I asked “is the ‘hot’ hot?” He replied, without even the faintest smile “That’s why it’s called ‘hot'”. I chose the medium.

Best burger I’ve had in Austin – though I think that’s why I woke up at 5:45 this morning. Oh well, it was worth it. If you want a really good hamburger, you don’t mind music from the darker side and enjoy eating below a gargoyle with green glowing eyes, try Casino El Camino.

Another reason I’m glad to be back in Austin: we saw the rose man on East Riverside. He’s been in Austin as long, if not longer than I. He’s always there, singing. Even if the windows are rolled up or the cars around me are too loud to hear him sing, I still find solace in knowing he’s there, singing.

We came home after dinner and watched Igby Goes Down. Interesting movie. I’m such a verbose movie critic. Every movie I watch now is just interesting. I think I’m going to go outside and wash the trusty Shadow now. Then I’ll wake up sleeping beauty and then we’re going to Kohl’s to get some new digs for yours truly. After that, we’re going to go get some new lenses for the old glazzies.

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