Speeding ticket update

Remember me breaking in the Jeep by getting a speeding ticket in Ft. Worth? Well, it’s come back to haunt me. If you’ve ever had to deal with a municipal court, you know that time really isn’t of the essence. I had kind of forgotten about my ticket and my mailed request for deferred adjudication.

Elise and I walked to the mailbox yesterday and I found a letter from the City of Ft. Worth. Inside I found a little yellow envelope that read “Probation Approval”. “Great” says me. I then found two other envelopes. One being a returned envelope from when the court mailed the probation approval letter to our old apartment in Austin. The other returned envelope from when they attempted to mail me in Temple.

Now the dilemma: The probation approval letter was dated January 10. In order for my 90 day probation to take effect, I needed to have replied within 30 days.

I called the Ft. Worth municipal court during lunch today to ask what I needed to do (leaning far far away from paying the ticket and having it on my record). I was told to write a letter to the court, requesting deferred adjudication again.

So tonight I’m going to write a very professional, “pity me” letter to the court.

The moral of the story: Make sure the address on your driver’s license is current. In the request of deferred adjudication letter that I wrote the court, I gave them my current address. That didn’t matter, the courts go by the address associated with your driver’s license number.

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