A couple things that I’ll miss

I’m really excited about leaving Temple and moving back to Austin. As I was walking in to work this morning, I saw something that made me think about how there are some things that I’m going to miss. I currently work at a rather large hospital. Hospitals tend to employ physicians. Physicians tend to make more money than most people. People who make more money than others tend to have cool toys.

I saw a brand new Infiniti G35 Sport Coupe parked in front of the Conference Center this morning. It’s not a Ferrari or a Viper, but a pretty slick car nonetheless. It looks like a 300ZX that’s been washed and waxed with $100 bills. I see a fair share of Audi’s and Porche’s on campus, but this G35 really stood out.

I’ll probably miss seeing helicopters take off and land on a daily basis as well. I work in a building a couple hundred feet from the main hospital. Between me and the hospital is the helipad. It’s really cool to see a helicopter take off from just a few feet away.

That’s probably all that I will miss. No, I take that back, there are some perks that I’ll miss – like free flu shots and the health plan benefits one gets while working at a hospital. I wonder if they were going to give us Small Pox vaccinations. Maybe it’s good that I’m getting out now – I heard that people died from the vaccination. They also gave me a free turkey for Christmas and a movie pass. I think that’s all that I’ll miss.

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