Work sucks, bike runs

Just got back from a meeting where we reviewed our department’s employee satisfaction survey. Very, very, very sad. Not that I’m saying anything bad about where I work. I love where I work… I love the people I work with… I work at the best place in the whole world… I can’t say anything negative about where I work because I wouldn’t want to give the institution a bad name. I’ve already gotten in trouble for that. I really can’t say what was revealed by the survey, I’ll just say that it was really bad.

We had a nice but short weekend. We had to wake up early on Friday so I could drive Elise to work and then take Annie to the vet for spaying. I picked Annie up after work and brought her home. I let her out of the cat carrier so she could get something to eat or go hide under the bed so she could recuperate. I played a little PS2 and watched some TV.

Elise agreed to shoot another wedding on Saturday. She attended the rehearsal in Killeen after work on Friday. I picked her up around 8. We came home, I cooked pizza, we watched a movie and went to bed.

We woke up early on Saturday. I drove around looking for a garage sale that didn’t exist. I opened all the windows in the apartment as the weather was so nice. The afternoon flew by and we had to start getting ready for the wedding.

We had to be at Ft. Hood by 2:30 so Elise could be prepared to take pictures. Elise’s coworker, Daviann was the bride. Just before we had the Trooper inspected at the gate of Ft. Hood, Elise realized that she had forgotten her flash. I raised holy hell as I agreed to drive back to Temple to get her flash for her. I was really mad. Half way home I realized that I would miss out on the ceremony. I figured that that wasn’t too bad. My mood changed for the better.

I got back to Ft. Hood just in time to catch Elise taking pictures of the bride and groom outside of the church. We drove to the Officers’ Club where the reception was held. Though small, the reception was nice. The food was good and everyone we met was friendly.

After Elise took all of the necessary pictures, she allowed herself to have a little fun. I had the DJ play ‘our song’ and we danced. We talked about the both of us getting more serious about wedding photography. I have a few college hours of photography under my belt and would be more than willing to act as my wife’s [paid] assistant. We have some really good ideas – stuff we need to work on.

Prior to getting ready for the wedding, we needed to fish Annie out from underneath the bed and administer her pain medication. She really didn’t like having a pill shoved down her throat. She illustrated her discontent by walking out onto the balcony and jumping off the edge. She hasn’t come back. I saw her last night standing next to my motorcycle, but then ran off.

The weekend before last I paid over $100 in vet bills. This past Friday I paid $90+ in vet bills. I think the cat got the better deal. She doesn’t really like humans, so she made the escape. I’m mad because we spent $200 on her, Elise is mad at me because I never really liked the cat. Oh well, maybe she’ll come back one day.

We picked up the trusty Shadow yesterday. Elise and I went into Austin yesterday morning. We stopped at Rudy’s for lunch and went Jeep shopping. We found a couple that we like. Hopefully we’ll be getting one soon.

I walked to work this morning. I have a drivable motorcycle, but I enjoy the walk to work so much that I’m going to keep walking.

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