Public restrooms and leaky gaskets

I hate public restrooms. Really, I do. The men’s restroom in the conference center at Scott & White is no exception. The single wall mounted liquid waste management apparatus is attached to a painted cinder block wall that divides the little boys’ and little girls’ rooms. Whenever a toilet flushes in the women’s restroom, the pipes within said wall make a noise that could easily be misconstrued as the ignition of the Space Shuttle’s solid rocket boosters.

In the seven months that I’ve worked at Scott & White, one would think that I would accept and embrace this spontaneous calamity. I haven’t. Without fail, yours truly always manages to become startled by this noise. During this nanosecond fit, it’s not unlike me to leave a pattern that would lead some to believe that I use the facility by means of sonar.

In other news: Elise called me this afternoon during her lunch break. She took the Trooper in to have the oil changed. I told her to ask the technician if he could identify the leak. He said the leak was coming from a gasket. He suggested a temporary chemical treatment that would cause the gasket to expand.

We’re trying to save as much cash as we can to purchase a nice used vehicle. I was hoping we could save for a little while longer. We’re going to have to sell before we can only get cash for parts.

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