I goofed, Evelyn & Bob are homeowners

Oh man, what a day! Elise is going to kill me when I tell her that I lost her folder that used to be on her computer. I could have sworn that I moved it over to my machine whenever I installed Linux. I was confident that I moved everything over. Just goes to show: Measure twice, cut once. I really feel like crap now. It had a lot of her important stuff in it… resume, cover letters, etc. etc. So now I’m in the process of reformatting her machine and installing Windows so she can have her own computer again. I guess I can offer to help rebuild her resume with her.

I just killed the mp3’s that I had on my site to free up disk space. If you linked to them… sorry – I’m running out of room.

In other news… there really is no other news. My friend Evelyn and her boyfriend Bob bought a house last week. I’m pretty excited [jealous] for them.

Hell… I still feel bad – I have to come up with a way to make it up to Elise.

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