Walk with the wife, Code for Food

Elise and I just got back from an invigorating (Ha – never thought I’d use that word) walk. We’ve both been sitting on our duffs for long enough. Well, El’s been making frequent trips to the pool during the days. Makes me wish I had done the same thing when she was the breadwinner for three months.

Tonight I made something like a burrito for dinner. They stunk. The filling was good, but the ‘tortillas’ we bought are gross. We went to HEB last week to do our normal grocery shopping and impulse purchased some “Garlic & Herb Wrap Arounds”. Bad bad bad.

We’ve been trying to be frugal, so I’ve been trying to piece together dinners at night. Last night I lightly fried some dory filets with homemade garlic bread crumbs. Then I made something like a casserole. Yes – I stooped and made a casserole. It was pretty good though – I was just trying to kill stuff in the fridge. I used some of Mom & Dad’s white squash, broccoli, garlic, mozzarella, cheddar and more bread crumbs.

I guess tomorrow we’ll have to go trade plasma for a couple hamburgers. In case you haven’t figured it out, El hasn’t found a job yet. She’s going to call the temp agency again tomorrow. She’s going to Des Moines for the weekend of the fourth which makes for somewhat of a hitch.

The seat on the trusty Shadow has begun to seriously unstitch itself. A few months back, Mom and Dad visited and helped me take my bike in for new tires and a new chain. The seat had a small part that had started to come unstitched, so Mom and I used blue dental floss to re-stitch it. I thought it looked pretty cool. Well, now the whole seat has gotten pretty bad. Guess I’ll be pulling out the blue floss this weekend. My tank is in dire need of a paint job too – I’m tempted to tackle that project too… just don’t have the facilities. I just need a new bike – Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Whew. One day…

Anyway – thought the picture above was very fitting. I hate our current economic situation – I don’t even track my investments anymore. I guess I’ll wait until someone [omniscient] taps me on the shoulder and says: “Hey, we’re doin’ alright now!”

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