As Josh previously mentioned, I have an interview on Friday. I’m excited, but a little nervous too. I was told by the manager at the temp agency that it’s a part-time gig and doesn’t pay a whole lot, but at least I have an interview. The FIRST interview since I graduated from college. Pretty sad, huh?

I felt pretty discouraged at the temp office yesterday because I had to take a lot of tests (read: felt like a monkey at a circus sideshow), but when I turned all of my paperwork in the manager actually looked over my resume and said, “You know what? I have a friend who might need somebody for her grapic design company. She’s just starting out, but I think with your degree and knowledge she might be able to use you. It would be better than the other job, and I wouldn’t want you to get bored answering calls all day.”

What? Could it be? It was music to my ears. Finally, somebody who wants to put me to good use.

I don’t know what will happen, but at least I’m starting to get somewhere. If all else fails, I still have some resumes out there and there’s always the job answering phones.

– Elise

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