Literal lunch break, It takes your bad days…

Today was a drab day. I woke up at 6 only to roll over and reset the alarm for 7. I didn’t really have much to do at work. I had piddly stuff to do, but nothing that made me feel like I accomplished anything.

I like to come home for lunch, I always have. It saves on eating out and gives me the chance to get away from the workplace. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dreading being at work – I just take the term lunch break literally. I like to come home, be in my own element and relax.

The downside to my afternoon retreat is that there’s nothing on TV except soap operas. I hate soap operas. Last week I spent 3 lunch breaks watching Detroit Rock City. This week it’s going to be Seven. I don’t have many other movies. I guess I’ll have to get El to bring me some more.

Anyway, I go back to work this afternoon and El calls me. She had to put her truck in the shop because it was overheating. We have to get the radiator replaced. $835. So that set the mood for the rest of my day, and probably the rest of the week.

I just got off the phone with Elise – she’s really upset. Not just because of the truck, but because we are owed money from some friends who’s wedding El photographed. We feel that these friends are abusing the friendship. They avoid our phone calls now. It’s pretty sad. Work has been stressing her out this week too.

We’re broke. I wish May would get here so El will be here with me, she can get a job and we won’t be paying 2 rents.

We did really well a few months back. We saved quite a bit of cash for our emergency fund in two months – even without me having an income other than unemployment checks (which was very, very small). So, I consoled my wife – told her to think about how much money we were able to save when there was minimal income. Now that I have a good job, we’ll be able to save that much more and get her a different vehicle.

My parents have been really concerned – I don’t blame them. I’m concerned and pissed at the same time. I told my mom that I really hope I can look back on these times and laugh. And the good thing about all of this is, I know I will.

A long time ago, my mother said to me: “It takes your bad days to know what you’re good days are.” I don’t quite remember what evoked that statement, but I’ve lived by it ever since.

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