I found out at 4 p.m. today that I’m a bone marrow match for the 43-year-old male who has Myelodysplastic Syndrome.

I’m a match. I’M A MATCH!!!

Three months ago I was told that I had a 1/200 chance of being a match. I’m that match.

I can’t put into words what that means to me. I don’t care what they have to do to me, they can saw my leg off and scoop my marrow out with a grapefruit spoon, I just hope and pray that it works for him.

Today was a good day for me. Was it a good one for you? Think about ways that you can give back. Just make sure you reconsider connecting lost cell phones with their rightful owner.

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  1. This act of selflessness should not go uncommented upon. While when the story is prefaced some will joke and jeer at the pain, etc. it is mostly because none of us have the guts or gumption to embark upon such an endeavor. (From afar) I applaud you on this and envy your ability to come up with unique ways to help your fellow human. Not only has it inspired me now, but it should inspire those who know you and will come to as time goes on.

    So while I’m not the recipient of this particular act of goodwill, the trickle down of knowing you is reward enough itself.

    Thank you. You’ve got me thinking.

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