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  1. I can’t believe this either! How can an employee of Dell treat a possible customer that way. It is demeaning, rude, and certainlly not business like. And the customer was being forced to buy a floppy drive that in the past came with a computer. And the speakers in question, I always thought they came with a multimedia computer setup. All a standard package deal for the advertised price. What am I missing here?

  2. Dell builds from scratch. Meaning…you take a base system and add what you WANT.
    If you believe that a $299 TV ad is a full multimedia package, and you act surprised when the Dell rep acts rude, it’s because they’re tired of talking to ignorant naive TV watchers with no sense of how a business works.

    This rep took it to the extreme…buuuuuut, it’s meant to be funny. It in NO way represents how Dell reps work…at least from America. But, being one myself, youre gonna get hung up on if you come at me with some $499 laptop Parade ad from Sunday’s paper and react poorly when you find out that it doesn’t come with a floppy drive. It ain’t worth my time.

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