Indiana Josh and the Temple of Doom

I mean, come on! Does it ever stop?!?! Today the weather got into the mid 70’s. I came home from work and thought: “Today would be a great day to go for a ride.” So, I go outside, ready to mount the trusty Shadow, and my back tire is completely flat. Now, I knew that I was in need of new tires – but why couldn’t it wait until the weekend? Life sure is dishing it out right now.

I rode, at a snails pace so as to not damage my rim, to the Exxon a couple blocks away. I asked the mechanic if he could patch a motorcycle tire. “No, sorry.” So, I took advantage of their free compressed air. I filled the rear tire to 32psi, then filled up with the ol’ petro. It takes approximately 60 seconds to fill my 3.5 gallon tank. In that time, my tire pressure dropped to 25psi.

I rushed home in time to call a motorcycle shop. To the best of my recollection, $85 for the front tire, $135 for the rear. This shop is in Killeen, 17 miles from here. I asked if I could bring the bike in tomorrow. The man on the other end told me that the tires could be replaced if I get there by 5pm.

This means I’ll have to leave work early tomorrow. This should make for a very interesting motorcycle ride. I just hope I make it. More news on that in tomorrow’s posting.

I keep wondering if I did something wrong to deserve all of this. I donate to the Salvation Army. I’ve given the homeless spare change. I respect others, the Earth and myself. I pay my taxes. I obey the laws. I don’t steal. I’m an ordinary guy – just like everyone else. I put my pants on one leg at a time. I go to work, come home and mind my own business. I pay my bills.

Geez. As I’ve said, one day I’ll laugh. Oh yes, one day milk will come spewing out of my nose as I look back on the Spring season of 2002.

I’ve been forced to spend over a grand in 2 days. And I haven’t even gotten my first paycheck.

S*%T, F#@k, A$$, I mean, seriously – what the hell? Watch, I’ll probably wreck on the way to Killeen tomorrow and break both legs. I’m sure my health insurance hasn’t kicked in, so I’ll have to pay for an ER visit. Why the hell not? Kick me while I’m down.

Luckily El brought down my guitar last time she was up. I think it’s about time to write a new song. I ought to hop on my one-legged motorcycle, go to the convenience store, buy myself a big fat cigar, come home, sit on the porch and play some blues. With my luck, I’d probably break a string. I wonder where the hell you go in Temple to buy guitar strings.

I’d be playing the flat tire, busted radiator, double rent paying, cheap cigar smoking, broken guitar string blues.

What a life.

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