The miscarriage

“Good night, baby. Thank you so much for helping Daddy. I love you very, very, very much.”

And then a kiss.

That’s what I told Maly as I finally put her down for bed at 10:30 tonight while hearing the sound of running water come from the faucet in the bathtub.

Elise miscarried tonight. The spotting started this morning. The grueling delivery aspect started tonight around 9:30, not long after we’d retreated to the living room after having a nice, long conversation while sitting on the front lawn while Maly swung. It started out to be a regular evening, but Mother Nature decided it was time.

Elise is okay. I’m okay. Maly is okay. I intentionally kept Maly up – I don’t know why, I just felt like we needed her. She didn’t see anything traumatic other than a little blood, and we assured her that everything was okay although she was very curious throughout the experience.

At one point Elise needed some time to herself. I distracted Maly by taking her to the living room and showing some videos from Maly.TV. She curled up in my lap and I held onto her.

I kissed her countless times on top of her head and thanked her over and over again. Maly has been our little angel in so many difficult situations over the past two years. She doesn’t even know it but she’s been the tie that’s bound this family.

And now our family dynamic has changed yet again. Elise is in good spirits considering what she’s enduring — cramps, contractions, frequent trips to the bathroom, and, what they call in the medical profession, “tissue”. It’s not been a fun ride, but it’s been yet another experience we’ve endured as a family.

We’ll carry on…