My Lakers fan

Elise went to her Mothers of Ministry Sharing (MOMS) group at her church tonight. It was just Maly and me. After dinner we went for a quick walk down the street, then back to the house to just hang out on the driveway, sitting in our lawn chairs and watching Ray water his lawn across the street.

I could tell Maly was getting tired, so we came into the house and I gave her a bath. After her bath, I took her into our room where I put a diaper on her and put her pajamas on. She sat up and looked at me blankly. I asked, “Okay, what do you want to do now? Do you want to read a book or go rock-rock?”

She looked at me with excited eyes and asked, “Lakers?!”

To which I unfortunately had to respond, “No, Sugar. The Lakers lost the series last night. No more Lakers games.”

Damn Celtics.

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