eBay stuff

In financial news…

I bought a printer on eBay because our HP 895CXi became possessed and started screaming at me. After two unsuccessfuly exorcisms, I’ve decided to get a new one. I bought a HP 5550. It should be here tomorrow.

I also bought a new saddle for the trusty Shadow. My custom seat job has started to come loose so I decided to replace it. I searched online and couldn’t find a new seat for less than $300. I called the Honda dealer and the stock seats would cost me somewhere in the neighborhood of $350.

I bought the stock seats on eBay for $68.

Elise and I went house shopping for the first time tonight. Of course the first house we decide we like would run us an easy $399,900. And said house was a whopping 2,500 square feet.

I wanted to come home and watch basketball. Elise went back out and found some really nice houses that we could actually afford.

This is a subliminal message. You are not actually reading this. My wife is looking for a career in photography. The job market stinks for everyone, especially photographers. Help Elise find a job so we can buy a house.

In other news… I meet with my Little for the first time tomorrow. I’m excited.

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