One of those days

  • Woke up at 5-something, before my alarm.
  • Met the run club for a 10k around the neighborhood.
  • Had a great turnout. I think there were 9 of us there after we hadn’t run together in months.
  • Came home and reassembled the lawnmower. I’d taken out the gas tank on Friday to patch a crack in it with a generous amount of JB Weld.
  • Mowed & edged our lawn.
  • Mowed & edged Sandy’s lawn.
  • Moved a bunch of stuff from Sandy’s backyard to the curb for bulk pickup on Monday.
  • Broke down a bunch of limbs for Sandy for compost pickup on Monday.
  • Pulled out the dead bushes in Sandy’s backyard that had died from the storm back in February.
  • Fixed Bill’s water hose reel.
  • Fixed my water hose that busted under pressure while I was across the street fixing Bill’s hose reel.
  • Fixed the steps on the deck.
  • Moved Maly’s old plastic picnic table to the curb for bulk pickup.
  • Took Maly over to Bowie to pick up her yearbook.
  • Found a 5-gallon gas tank that was on the curb and transferred the gas from my old 5-gallon tank that I loathed to my newly-found tank.
  • I think I shoved a few slices of pizza into my face.
  • Used up my last resort fix for the tub spout in the girls’ bathroom. That proved to be the final, permanent, unsuccessful attempt that rendered the diverter useless. So I had to take a bath. Our master bathroom is currently in full remodel mode so all 4 of us are using the guest bath. A tired, grown man trying to take a bath (not a shower) is also a futile endeavor.
  • Loaded up the children and went to Home Depot to get a replacement tub spout.
  • We also got a lamp, leaf bags, lawn spray for mosquitos, an extending ceiling fan cleaner thing, 3 bags of top soil, and whatever else we got that I can’t recall at the moment.
  • Went to grocery store for things for dinner.
  • Came home and feebly made dinner.
  • Went to work on the guest bathtub spout. Cut 4″ from the copper pipe sticking out of the wall only to find that the pipe had been previously coupled, so my new spout doesn’t fit correctly.
  • There’s probably some other stuff in there that I’m forgetting.
  • I didn’t sit down all day until we got in the car for yearbook pickup and the trip to Home Depot and the grocery store.
  • I’m tired.

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