Weekend dinner with friends and some family time

On Friday night my old bud Cody and his girlfriend, Candice came over for dinner. Cody and I go way back to the 6th grade. He was my first true friend after my parents and I moved to Cat Spring and I started attending school in Bellville. We’ve known each other for 20 years and combined, have both lived in Austin for somewhere near 20 years.

So Cody and Candice showed up early Friday evening for a dinner that I told Cody he had to invite himself to six months ago. He called me on it and I welcomed the notion of having friends over to hang out and to force myself to get in the kitchen again to make a decent dinner. Elise has really stepped up as the Family Manager in the past year and a half so my culinary endeavors have kind of taken a backseat to spending time with the Zombie Eater and letting Elise feed us dinner.

I cooked four 8 oz. filets medium rare with a chipotle-bock beurre blanc ala Hudson’s, roasted asparagus, fresh green beans and ancho cream mashed potatoes.

Our guests stayed until ~1 a.m. as we spent the evening hanging out on the deck talking.

Elise had fallen ill earlier that day so she was really exhausted. Saturday’s sun came early so I let Elise sleep in. Maly and I got up, ate breakfast and headed out for some weekend shopping.

We went to the ol’ HoPot for a replacement blind slat. I won’t name names but said slat was broken by a biped Janicek that measures in less than 36″ in height. We also picked up a surge protector that will allow me to have all of my electronics to be plugged into something other than a daisy-chained rig of three late-90’s sure protectors. Then we headed over to CompUSA in search of nothing other than something to spend money on. I found a dual tuner Series 2 TiVo box for $50 after mail-in rebate. Upon check-out I found out that the rebate was for new TiVo service activation. So we left CompUSA sans TiVo. We stopped at HEB for coleslaw and barbeque sauce and went home in time for a brisket lunch with Elise.

On Sunday we went to Barton Creek Mall for to window shop and to have lunch at Nordstrom’s. Maly indulged in ‘gourmet’ French fries (seasoned with parsely) while Elise and I had sandwiches. I also had the crab bisque (which is why I like going to lunch at Nordstrom’s for lunch on the weekends).

All week prior I’d been living on pretty much an all-beef diet. Since the butter-filled dinner on Friday night with Cody and Candice, I’ve been doubled over with stomach pain.

All week I’ve been on a high-fiber, vegetarian diet.

This past weekend was a lot of fun. I enjoyed having friends over for dinner. I’m inspired to put myself back into the kitchen. Hanging out with Maly alone on Saturday was a blast. I’m reminded that I really need to seize each and every one of those opportunities. And I need to indulge in more fiber.

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