Somewhere, Alfred Hitchcock is smiling

We’ve had a lot of involvement with birds as of late.  On Saturday afternoon we were adopted by a bluejay who my sister affectionately named “JJ”.  He likes to hang out on the deck, poop on chairs, eat watermelon and pine nuts and taunt Elise.

Hopefully he can hold his own around the back yard and maybe even make friends with the cats.  My money is on yours truly sweeping up blue feathers by week’s end.

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  1. alright alright… it usually takes a great deal for me to chuckle out loud, but for some reason this does it for me. its the expressions i think. everyone seems so equally perplexed that a photo is being taken at all that the only thing that would make this weirder than this already is if josh’s balls were hanging from his canary yellow shorts.

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