Uff Da

Janeen e-mailed this morning stating that she and her family are moving to Minneapolis in six weeks. Her husband recently accepted a job with General Mills. I know some great people that live in Minnesota but I could not begin to fathom the thought of even considering to start to think about entertaining the notion of moving north of Round Rock. I hate cold weather.

Four years ago Elise and I moved to Temple, a small town sixty miles north of Austin when I accepted a job offer from Scott & White. Elise kicked and screamed and cried because she didn’t want to leave Austin. I convinced her that our new home would be great, I would thrive at my job and we would live happily ever after. I was dead wrong on all counts and learned a valuable lesson. I busted my ass and knocked on every door until I found a good job back in Austin. We were piss poor and desperate when we moved to Temple. I understand moving out of necessity but if we have the choice, we’ll choose where we live because we actually want to live there. Never again just for a job.

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