Come Dell or High Water

Dell sucks

I’ve severely disliked Dell for a long time now. I don’t like Dell. I’m stuck with a Dell server and desktops at the office but I will never buy another Dell product.

We paid off all of our bills and got out of all of our lease contracts months ago. That was a joyous time – we all celebrated in that we would never have to deal with Dell again.

Today Dell called and stated that we owed them money. Dell called a month ago on an invoice for two Inspirion notebooks that we didn’t purchase.

Two laptops were fraudulently purchased on our account in early May. We disputed the charge.
Dell’s not-for-free tech support was called in the middle of May. The call today was to pay for the tech support phone call.

Dell is like a scab – it’s annoying, bleeds if you pick at it and you can never seem to get rid of it. And it tastes bad.

2 Replies to “Come Dell or High Water”

  1. don’t own a dell at home, other than a really old desktop that i bought second-hand from a company that i used to work for. sounds like i should continue to steer clear of them. i don’t mind their computers, but i suppose they’re only helpful as long as you’re paying them. hehe.

  2. My company has had it with Dell as well. They had an account set up fine with us and all of a sudden we have 2 accounts(both with different account numbers than what we had previously). We requested they send an invoice which is what normal business prefers to pay by but all we ever recieve is a statement. Who the hell pays off a statement when you don’t know what it is your paying for. When you try to contact someone or they contact you it is typically someone from India and forgive my insensitiveness but I don’t prefer to talk with someone half way around the globe with whom I can barely understand. Anyway we are now going to Hewlett packard and hoping for better service.

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