Moving and settling in

Last weekend was for moving. Not too many action photos because, well, we were moving. My Mom gave me a muscle relaxer on Friday afternoon that allowed me to lift very heavy objects by using only the muscles in my back! That rendered me pretty useless for the rest of the weekend. I moved light stuff.

For our first full weekend in our home, we spent most of it at Lowe’s. Cell phones are a great thing. Elise and I use them to find each other in home improvement stores. Anyway, I spent three hours digging a trench for a PVC drain pipe. Today I have to insulate a heater duct in the attic, install a digital thermostat, caulk the shower and unpack.

Tonight I’m taking Elise to see the Phantom of the Opera at the Bass Concert Hall for her birthday (which is actually tomorrow). I bought 5th row seats – should be fun.

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