Steve and Joanne head home, no cable, dove hunting

My in-laws are gone, we’ve dropped down to basic cable and I have no dove meat.

Steve and Joanne left on Thursday morning. Elise and I were pretty bummed. Even though they were on vacation, it seemed as if Elise and I were as well. It was nice having them here for a week.

In an attempt to increase our cash reserve (aka the “house fund”), we decided to drop down to basic cable. We decided upon this three months ago. We called the cable company three months ago. The cable giant switched our service just this past Friday. No Food Network, TLC or Learning Channel anymore. Now we only get the big three networks, something called the WB, a handful of home shopping channels, two channels from Spain (Soccer exclusivo), the local hippy politics channel and public access channels that require its “stars” to wear a toilet seat as a necklace.

Dad and I went dove hunting in Hallettsville yesterday. We didn’t shoot any birds but we did manage to blow one of the tires on Dad’s truck by running over the edge of a culvert pipe.

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