Tommy’s b-day, Y Bar & Grill

Last Friday Elise and I went to Tommy’s to celebrate his birthday. I ate too many pizza bites.

I woke up unusually early on Saturday, paid bills, called Apple Care in an attempt to get my computer to see the iPod and cleaned my office. The garage door repair guy was supposed to come to our house between 10 and noon. He didn’t show. I called to reschedule for Monday (yesterday). He didn’t show last night either.

Anyway – I took Elise out for a nice lunch on Saturday afternoon. The weather was beautiful we sat on the patio at the Y Bar & Grill. Elise had the Creole Crab and Crawfish Salad Sandwich. I had the Smoked Pork Loin with Chipotle Corn Cream Sauce. We shared the intimate patio with a gaggle of pink-laden baby shower giddies who shrieked “Precious!!!” in unison every time a present was opened.

The food was good for the price but there was room improvements. The croissant that Elise’s sandwich was served on was soggy. My pork loin was dry. For the sandwich I would have toasted the croissant and used lettuce and thin slices of cheese to prevent liquids from getting to the bread. For the pork loin, I’m sure it was precooked or left over from the night before. I’d take the pork loin off the lunch menu or just undercook it when prepping. The Chipotle Corn Cream Sauce was very good though. So good that on Sunday when Elise and I went the grocery store, I bought a pork loin and extra chipotles so I can fashion a similar meal.

After lunch we went TJ Maxx, Bed Bath & Beyond and Home Depot. I know we’re supposed to dodge the HoPot in April but we had to go to return the guest bathroom faucets. We stuck to our guns and didn’t spend much.

We then spent two hours at CompUSA where the Apple representative and sales manager tried to figure out why my computer wouldn’t recognize my iPod. No luck.

We went home, Elise worked on the guest bathroom, I broke my computer and ordered a veggie pizza from Mr. Gatti’s. We wasted an hour watching Saturday Night Live and went to bed.

Elise worked a brunch on Sunday morning. I fixed my computer and ate cold veggie pizza from Mr. Gatti’s. Elise came home and we went to HEB and got groceries. We went to John and Christine’s later that evening to watch the Sopranos. I made a very complex queso dip that if I told you what was in it, I’d loose any chance of becoming a renowned culinary adventurer. I can, however, tell you this. One ingredient is cheese that “is made with real cheese”. Elise noticed this on the box of “cheese”.

We drove to Tommy’s late that evening so I could get my camera that I had left over there on Friday night. We hung out for an hour or so as we watched the rain pour from the balcony.

Another short weekend.

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