Signing Day

Today is National Letter of Intent Signing Day for NCAA Division I and II prospective college student athletes. It’s the day on which high school students sign their respective letters of intent to play NCAA sports for the university or college from which they’ve received athletic scholarship offers.

Today Maly signed her Letter of Intent to play lacrosse for the University of Charleston West Virginia.

It’s not that I’d ever doubt that a day like this would be possible. It’s a day that I’d never considered to expect.

It’s a day that has made me so damn proud of her.

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  1. In my wildest dreams, I never thought I would know anyone who would sign a letter of intent for an athletic scholarship. Now, not only do I know someone, she’s related to me! Congratulations, Maly!! As your dad said, “I’m so damn proud of you!”
    Looks like Gran and I will be making a few trips to West Virginia.

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