More than meets the eye

Rob and I just got back from watching Transformers. Wow. Wow. And Wow. Wow and wow because the movie was really, really good. When we came out of the theatre, I was tempted to ask Rob if he wanted to play Megatron and I would play Optimus Prime and we could pretend battle in the parking lot with guttural special effects and all – like we would have 20 years ago (had we known each other 20 years ago). The movie brought me back to my childhood days where someone else’s imagination inspired my own. That inspiration would then send me outside to run about the neighborhood, pretending like a was a F-15 that could turn into a robot and battle the enemy robot, which was usually played by our Labrador, Beau.

The third and final Wow is for marketing. Transformers was riddled with brands and their product placement to the point where I had to laugh out loud. Every scene had a big brand presence: Porsche, Microsoft, Mountain Dew, Burger King, Nokia, Panasonic, Apple, Ford, Pontiac, Chevrolet. And I probably skipped a few. I was seriously waiting for BumbleBee to whip out his iPhone to use Google Maps to find the quickest route to the Cube.

It really was a good movie that, unfortunately when it comes to cable in a year, you won’t be able to fast-forward through the commercials unless you want to miss the entire commercial movie.

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  1. And where were your families? Home playing house… I’m glad you boys got a chance to be boys again. Now get the dishes done and etc.

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