Dinner at Mesa Ranch

Victor called me earlier this week and we decided to go out for dinner since we hadn’t seen each other in 6 months.

Notorious VIC came over to our house on Friday evening and the three of us loaded up and went to Mesa Ranch. Talk about a fantastic dinner! Every thing on the Texas fare menu sounded fantastic. I bought a $25 coupon on Amazon.com for $10 earlier that afternoon so I figured we’d load up on appetizers.

  • Cactus fried in Shiner Bock beer batter with Tequila Ranch & white queso
  • Grilled poblano rellenos filled with Mexican cheeses & grilled shrimp, served with avocado corn salsa
  • Fresh jalapeños stuffed with goat cheese, wrapped in bacon & fried in Shiner Bock beer batter, served with Tequila Ranch sauce

Those awesome & filling apps didn’t stop us from ordering full dinners complete with fresh green salads and avocado & cilantro dressing.

Elise had the grilled spice rubbed pork tenderloin and apple chipotle chile chutney with cinnamon whipped sweet potatoes & grilled vegetables. If you closed your eyes and try to imagine what Christmas would taste like in Texas, that plate would sum it up. All of the ingredients were very well balanced and you could taste each one. The tenderloin was cooked perfectly and melted in your mouth.

Victor and I both opted for the 8oz. filet mignon with potato au gratin & grilled asparagus. It’s been almost a full day since that meal and I’m still wondering if I have ever eaten a better steak than the one I had last night. I ordered mine medium rare and it was absolutely to die for. I’ve been fantasizing about that steak all day… it’s excellent marbling, the flavor, the texture.

Chef Rob came out of the kitchen when the dinner rush died down and sat with us to chat for a while. I asked him about the steaks – where he gets them, how they’re seasoned and cooked. He told me it was all in the seasoning. A unique 14 herbs and spices seasoning that Mesa Ranch is talking about branding and selling as their own.

Ater dinner we all came back to the house and chatted for a while. Victor went home and we went to bed shortly after where I dreamt about that steak!

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