iPod funds going elsewhere

I bought Elise an iPod mini for Valentine’s Day so she could listen to music while training for Danskin. I was the first nerd to purchase a mini from the CompUSA on Brodie (yes, I was there an hour early – first in line). I had problems with it from the word go. I plugged it into the wall for an hour to charge it up to 80% of its battery capacity per the Apple representatives instructions. To spare you the details, it didn’t seem like it was working when I tried to sync it. I left it plugged into the wall overnight and it worked great for the next day, the next week and the week after that.

Last week I wanted to show off the elPod to my father-in-law, Steve. The elPod wouldn’t turn on. I figured Elise hadn’t charged it in a while. I plugged it into the wall and I forgot about it – never got around to showing it to Steve. Elise and I went to run errands one night and I grabbed the elPod to listen to in the Jeep. It wouldn’t turn on.

Last night I finally had a chance to call Apple Care. They’re sending me a box so I can ship the elPod to them for repairs. John called me shortly after. I told him that the elPod was going to the shop.

John: “Apple Care is cool.”
Josh [minus expletives]: “Yeah, but I shouldn’t have to be sending it back – it’s brand new!”
John: “You should know not to buy the first version of something.”
Josh: “Yeah, it sounds like something we would do…
“Alright, it’s done, let’s ship it out to the masses.”
“Should we plug it in first to see if it works?”
“Nah, lets just ship ’em out and sell ’em.””

Regardless, the iPod minis are really cool. When it comes to personal technology, smaller is better, in my opinion. I would much rather carry an iPod mini than a standard iPod. If Apple can develop a larger capacity mini, I’ll buy another one.

In the meantime, I sold my 10GB 2nd generation iPod in hopes of getting a 15GB 3rd generation iPod. I sold mine with accessories that brought in $265.99. I could get my new iPod for $269 but our bicycles were stolen. So I’m taking my iPod money and buying Elise a new bike.

There are two kinds of people in this world that I don’t like: those who sit in plain view across from me in a restaurant and bicycle thieves.

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