Tablerock Fantasy Faire, Motoproject, Our first anniversary

Yesterday Elise and I woke early to do our planned running around. We didn’t get out of the apartment until 10 a.m. Elise said that we could have left earlier had I let her sleep longer. I guess that means she gets ready slower when it’s against her will…

Our first stop was at the 2002 Tablerock Fantasy Faire in Salado. Elise and I have never experienced a festival or faire that is Renaissance in nature. I have to hand it to the vendors, players and enthusiasts – they have quite an imagination. This particular faire was relatively small. We took a walk through the fair grounds, sat and listened to Medieval war poetry by Sholo the Nubian, Warrior Racantoure and spoke with a sword vendor who looked exactly like Mulder.

After being mocked for being outsiders and due to the fact that there wasn’t a single vendor selling turkey legs, we decided to leave.

We stopped in Round Rock to eat at Rudy’s. Man, I love that place. A year ago to the day we were eating Rudy’s BBQ at our rehearsal dinner.

We drove to Austin to pick up more wedding photos at Holland Photo. We stayed in the store to look at all of our new prints. One roll was developed improperly. This particular roll was shot on 400 ASA film and was to be push processed to 3200. Don’t ask me what that means. I asked Elise to explain this processing technique. She told me. I heard her. I tried really hard to understand. It didn’t work. The prints from this one roll of film were really washed out. You can barely tell what you’re looking at in the photos.

We took the roll back to the counter and told one of the employees that one of our rolls of film wasn’t processed correctly. We were told that he couldn’t do anything but we could come back at 4 p.m. to talk to a manager.

We killed some time by driving over to St. Ed’s to scope out the new eye sore called the Academic Building. Despite the fact that this building is butt ugly, it’s good to know that the campus is being brought into the 21st century. St. Ed’s has all kinds of buildings in the infantile stages of construction. I just wish that my [parents’] money could have allowed for me to utilize some of the upcoming facilities.

We took pictures of ourselves in front of the Main Building and by the little staircase waterfall behind the Main Building.

Then we went back to Holland Photo to discuss our picture problem with the manager. Without getting into great detail, we were basically told that we were wrong. Holland Photo sends black and white negatives to another company, across the street, to be developed. We were told that this company would inform Holland Photo if there was a screw up. There was no screw up notification. That is what was offered to us.

Anyway, among the six rolls that were developed, one of them contained black and white shots that Elise took when we were in Austin for the Republic of Texas Rally & Races. My Photoshopping doesn’t do the prints justice. They are all really awesome images.

Elise created a triptych of one patriotic-themed custom bike. I really like how the sequence turned out. I like to look at the series as a contemporary tribute to Captain America’s motorcycle.

Some of Elise’s Motoproject photos can be seen here. I really want to get them enlarged, framed and hang them in my office once we get a house.

In other news… today is our anniversary. We slept in this morning. Elise went to church and I’ve been goofing on the computer. I don’t know what we’ll do tonight to celebrate our first year. I think we’ll probably just go grab a nice dinner and just take it easy.

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