Think twice before seeking employment advice from this guy

I quit my cush job as Director of Finance for that startup dot-com this morning. After only two weeks of working there I decided I wasn’t enough of an asset to warrant giving two weeks notice. So I quit. I made sure I left on amicable terms and let them know that I appreciated the opportunity. The job was too much of a risk for me right now.

It was hard to quit – about as hard as having to fire someone. I had the whole knotted stomach, sweaty palms, quivering voice thing going. And what’s best is I quit a job without really having another job lined up. I think I forfeited my handsomely generous riches that the state provides the unemployed who apparently are expected to live off of subsidized canned tuna and creek water when I didn’t attend a “how to get yo ass a job” conference at the Workforce Commission last week.

I think I might call the Workforce Commission and tell them I contracted botchulism from all of the canned tuna and haven’t been physically able to work.

New things lie ahead.

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