Decks, dining and firing Elise

Every night after work and every morning before work this week I’ve been working on the deck. The actual decking is done. Now I’m to build the steps from the first level to the lower level. Then I’m going to build the railings. I think it turned out nicely.

Decking finished

Since I’ve been working on the deck, I haven’t had the time or inclination to cook or peice together meals. In fact, the other night Elise and I shared a can of pizza-flavored Lay’s potato chips for dinner because we were so exhausted from the weekend’s labor.

So I’ve been eating out for lunch more than usual lately. I mention this because Marble Falls has some great restaurants. I try to support the local guy whenever I can and enjoy finding little dining gems. I’ve eaten at the Jamin House Cafe quite a few times and must recommend the Blackened Burger. It’s a jerk-seasoned blackened hamburger that is so thick and juicy that you have to prop your elbows on the table just to hold it up to your mouth. It’s served with a jerk-seasoned mayo and grill onions nestled between two sweet buns. It really is an awesome burger.

The only barbecue I’ve had in Marble Falls is at Peete Mesquite & Co. Twice now I’ve had their brisket plate and it is some great barbecue. I like lean brisket and that’s what they serve with a clearly visible half-inch deep red mesquite smoke ring. Sauce is important too and they have a great homemade recipe.

Yesterday I had Sue pick up a to-go order for me from the new R Bar & Grill on Main Street. I tried the Rafa’s Big Burrito. It was a cilantro and garlic wrap stuffed with beef fajita meat and sauteed peppers and onions. The burrito was okay but what was really good were the cumin rice and charro beans.

Earlier this week I thawed a link of Bellville Meat Market’s smoked sausage. My plan was to use the sausage to stuff Anaheim chiles from the garden. I’ve been dead-set on getting the deck finished so last night I commissioned Elise as my Sous Chef. I rattled off a recipe that consisted of chopped vegies, sausage, rice, cheese, cilantro and spices. I told her how to stuff the peppers and the baking time. Just as I finished screwing down the last plank of the deck, dinner was almost ready. I walked into the kitchen to find the jalapenos that I pulled for the recipe were still sitting on the counter. I was told that the cilantro had been forgotten about too. I found out that the Spanish rice was burnt as well. I turned into Gordon Ramsey and fired my wife.

The stuffed peppers weren’t bad. Elise did a good job. I sliced some fresh jalapenos and topped stuffed pepper medallions. We agreed that the recipe needed the added spice. I’m considering re-hiring her seeing how she’s the only help I can get in the kitchen. I’ve tried getting Riley to help but all he likes to do is sit around and eat orange Jell-O and drink beer.

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  1. Hey,
    Deck looks cool. You gonna be in Bellville for father’s day? Can you float the river next weekend on the 25th?


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