Duck herding

I missed out on a great opportunity this morning. I’m still kicking myself for not carpe dieming… You see, I’m still riding my bicycle to work. I ride right in front of an elementary school each morning. Today traffic was noticeably slow near the school. As I got closer, I realized that there was a mother duck and her 8-10 ducklings, waddling behind her in the middle of the road.

I laughed out loud. As I pedaled away, I notice a woman who seemed to be the owner of the ducks, walking up the street, slowly chasing her herd. She had on a sun dress and a pink bonnet-thing that tied beneath her chin. The ducks continued on their western trail, waddling underneath cars that were attempting to get their owners to work. I believe the number of cars involved in this hold up had grown to a crippling four.

I was running late. I was late to work on Wednesday, I didn’t want to be late again. I really wanted to turn my 7-speed steed around and do some suburban duck herding. I guess I was just caught up in the notion of baby ducks causing a traffic jam in front of an elementary school, so I kept pedaling and laughing. I should have turned around though. I’m sure that lady could have used some help. I’m sure my boss would have understood had I stopped to help rustle up some web-footed yard birds.

I sat at work all day and thought: “Man, I wonder if that was my one chance in this life… my one chance to be a real cowboy. I could’ve herded them ducks real good – yessir, I sure could’ve. I could be a real cowboy if I was just given the chance…”

I just might stop and lean by a fence post over yonder at that there Sunset Valley elementary school at days-end. I reckon I could stand there for a bit, a dried weed twixt the ol’ cheek and gum, kick the heel of my faithful Avia Cantilever running shoe into the dust and wait for the owner of them ducks to come around. I figger I could ask her how she fared this mornin’ with that loose herd. I’d really like to know. It can’t be an easy life, what with ducks gettin’ through your fence and all and tyin’ up city dwellers fancy traffic time.

I reckon I could ask the owner of them ducks if maybe she’d like to have me keep an eye out for stray ducks on my ride to work each morning. I reckon I wouldn’t mind helping out a little.

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