Using a beautifully designed Macintosh to advertise a Windows PC product

I’ve seen this quite a lot since I switched to using a Mac exclusively seven years ago. I remember not-too-long ago seeing a TV commercial where an Apple iBook laptop was used in one of those “free” online computer virus removal/speed boost services (which is absolute snake oil) designed exclusively for PC’s running Windows. The advertiser uses a Mac laptop as the prop because it just look really cool and most everything Apple is beautifully designed.

This afternoon the girls and I were at Costco. I happened upon a wireless weather station and stopped to take a gander. A little secret about me: I’m kind of nerdy when it comes to local rainfall. I have a rain gauge in the backyard and I record (on paper) how much rain we get at our house. So I wanted to check out this wireless weather station because I thought it might be a fun gadget to put on my list for Santa Claus. Upon inspection of the box, I noticed a photo of a Macbook Pro (I know this computer because I own one) with a USB dongle which is used to transmit data from the wireless weather station to the computer. I became excited because due to this advertised visual claim, I just knew that this weather station would work wonderfully with one of our Macintosh computers and I would excitedly be able to put the weather station on my Christmas wish list!

But I know better. Advertisers (regardless of product) use Mac computers in TV and print because they look really cool. They use sexy computer facades to lure the consumer in and make them want to buy because of clean design, elegant curves and overall minimalism and aesthetics.

When I turned the box around, the first thing I noticed was the bullet point that states: “Works with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7.”

I fell to the ground and, in a desperate attempt, could not fight off the tears and I screamed, at the top of my lungs, “WHHHYYYYY?!?! Ohhhhh, the false advertising. Why do they do this?? Boooohooo hooo hoooo WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” The store manager came over and indulged me in his sympathy while my wife went to the concession stand and bought me a Churro.

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