Elise: “Maybe next year Maly will be able to ride the bus with her little friend, Julia to kindergarten.”

Me: “…”

Elise: “You know, after a month or so, after she adjusts.”

Me: “After she adjusts?!? That’s part of her adjustment — you kick her out the front door on day one and say, ‘the bus stop’s that way. Or maybe that way. Go figure it out, kid.'”

Elise: “Okay. Maybe after I adjust.”

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  1. I have to share that I saw your daughters video on fb, and through some little research came to your page! The video you created is adorable, your daughter is quite a talker and I love how she counts with her fingers at times. She is a gem! Thanks for sharing a fun video — that is still circulating 3 years later!

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