Identity theft update

I called my contact over at Texell on Friday after lunch, hoping for an update on this car that was purchased in my name. She had just gotten the whole ordeal figured out just prior to my call. Since I was once a member of this credit union, they still had all of my information in their database. A loan for a car was funded for someone who has a name similar to mine, so when the account was being created, text boxes in their software were pre-populated with all of my information.

So it’s been fixed on the banks end, and I’m not concerned about identity theft. However, now we have to clear this up with the three credit bureaus and make sure that we get this purchase off of my credit report.

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  1. Where is Todd Davis of LifeLock when you need him! Oh thats right getting his identity stolen too! Could happen to anyone but glad they fixed it quickly.

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