The peeing milestone

I gave Maly her bath tonight. We followed our usual ritual, for the most part. She ran out of our room when it was time to put on her diaper. I called for her. She didn’t come back. I called again. No response. I aggressively called. No response.

We put Maly in time out because of her unresponsiveness.

Maly is usually great in time out. She knows that she’s “removed” because she did something wrong. In this situation, we let her know that she needs to pay attention and respond to mom or dad.

After a minute or so after having been in time out, she knocked from the inside of her bedroom door and exclaimed, “Pee pee!”

Elise and I both jumped up and ran to her room, thinking she peed on the floor in her room. Upon opening the door, we were surprised to not see a puddle on the floor. Instead, Maly ran to her bathroom and sat on her toilet. And, after a minute, she went to the bathroom in her own little toilet.

So, I witnessed my little girl go to the bathroom on her own tonight. That’s a huge step from a dad’s perspective. Huge in that she didn’t fart while she did it. If she would have farted, there would have been high-fives and beer.

I love having a baby girl. Even though she’s not a baby anymore, she’s still my baby girl. And she farts. Oh yes, she farts. And if she’s anything like her mom, she’ll make me, and her Boppa proud.

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