Flash vs. VisualHub for video

I’ve been wasting sooo much time encoding video using Flash. My video video editing and encoding process goes like this:

1. Edit in iMovie
2. Export in .mp4 format
3. Use Flash 8 to encode to .flv format for web

I’ve been using VisualHub to encode movies for the AppleTV and for other random purposes over the past year. Tonight I decided to try it out for a Flash video for Maly.TV. I’m kicking myself in the ass for not using VisualHub to encode videos over that year passed.

This video was encoded using Flash 8:
(this video took 1 HOUR and 3 MINUTES to convert)

[flv width=”500″ height=”400″]http://www.maly.tv/video/20080510_Itsucksanditcuts.flv[/flv]

This was encoded using VisualHub:
(this video took 1 minute and 11 seconds to convert)

[flv width=”500″ height=”400″]http://www.maly.tv/video/20080510_ItsucksanditcutsVH.flv[/flv]

If you post videos on your website, spend the $23.32 on VisualHub.

Flash took over an hour. VisualHub took a little over a minute.

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