Product review for those of us with lovehandles

I’m seriously considering investing in Logitech. I got a new MacBook for work and needed new mouse. After doing a little research I settled on a MX Revolution. I’m kind of a mouse snob and this mouse suits all of my snobby needs. It’s the Ferrari of mice. It’s smart, too. On numerous occasions I’ve actually picked the mouse up, stared it down and asked, “how did you know I wanted to do that?”

This past weekend I hosted my annual Godfather’s Club Meeting. One of the ‘competitions’ was a Guitar Hero II play-off. I won’t name names, but yours truly decided it would be cool, after successfully completing a song, to toss the guitar over my back and let the strap wrap the guitar around my body and return to my hands. In perpetrating this cool rock star move, I managed to hit the large decorative metal star that sits on the fireplace mantel. The star fell and brought down the TV remote, stereo remote, XBox remote and TiVo remote with it.

The TiVo remote broke.

Today I went to Best Buy to purchase a new TiVo remote. This particular Best Buy doesn’t sell TiVo remotes but they do sell Logitech Harmony Advanced Universal Remotes. I was sold on a Harmony 550. This thing is really cool. You set it up via USB on your computer and then set ‘activities’. So now I click Activites on the remote and it asks me what I want to do. I select “Watch TiVo”. It turns the TV to the correct station and turns the stereo to the SAT/DIV so we can watch TV with the stereo on. If I want to watch a DVD, it automatically changes the TV to Video 2 and changes the stereo to DVD. The remote can also control fans, lights and computers.

I’m anxiously awaiting the firmware update that will start and control the lawn mower.

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  1. Umm hmm. I thought you said, “The remote got knocked off of the mantle, but I don’t know how it happened.” The truth comes out.

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