Graduation dinner at PF Chang\’s

Elise and I had dinner at PF Chang’s last night to celebrate our neighbors’ daughter’s high school graduation. We ate at the PFC on Jollyville Road six or seven years ago and I remember the Lettuce Wraps. We thought they were good so I made my own a few days later. They were just as good if not better.

We’d been to PFC a couple times since. I don’t think the food is anything to write home about. The thing about Chang’s is the atmosphere and attention. The waiter leads you to believe that this is the most unique dining experience you’ll ever know.

Elise had the honey shrimp last night. I had the wok seared lamb. Before our meal I asked our waiter to recommend a nice, creamy chardonnay. When he brought our bill he asked “Wasn’t that the best, creamiest, buttery chardonnay?” I said “No.” He didn’t know what he was recommending.

I thought this discussion of PF Chang’s was pretty funny.

Anyway – we were there to celebrate with Theresa. The food was okay but the company was better. We had a chance to talk to our neighbors who we hadn’t seen in a while and to congratulate Theresa.

I had the opportunity to give Theresa my very worldly and renowned high school graduation advice: If you trip while walking across the stage, you will lose all of your friends, your parents will disown you, you’ll never get into college, your boyfriend will dump you and you’ll grow hair on your back.

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