Sushi with Chic

Elise and I had a fantastic dinner at Musashino last night with my former boss, Chic. We started out with a Spicy Spider Roll: Deep-fried soft shell crab, smelt caviar, and radish sprouts and also the Ozzy II Roll: Unagi, yellowtail, and avocado with sesame seeds and smelt caviar on the outside. The sauce that accompanied the Spicy Spider Roll was amazing. I had unfortunately singed my taste buds with a glass of J&B so I couldn’t quite tell what was in said sauce, but believe me, it was awesome.

Elise and Chic each ordered a Negihama: Yellowtail and scallions hand roll. We also ordered 5 or 6 a la carte pieces of sushi. I don’t remember all that was ordered but I do remember two of which were a special for the evening: a fatty tuna topped with a sliced Asian chili that can pack just as much a punch as a habanero.

I ordered a Sushi Deluxe Jo Nigiri: 7 pieces of sushi and 2 pieces of a futo maki, all of the chef’s choosing. I know I had a peice of Hamachi, fresh water Unagi and an obscure Hawaiian fish.

Everything was awesome – The best sushi I’ve ever eaten.

Catching up with Chic was also a treat. We had a really wonderful evening catching up.

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