Bicycle wreck, first meeting with Harold

Yesterday was an up and down day. First the down. As I was leaving work on my bicycle, I was trying to change songs on the MP3 player. My back wheel went off of the pavement and sent me end over end. It was ugly. I wish I could have been a bystander because I know that it was a hellacious wipe out. I think I flipped twice with the bike. Luckily I landed in grass. Had I landed on concrete, I’m sure I would have broken something, knocked some teeth out or cut myself deep enough to warrant stitches. Luckily I came away relatively unscathed. My bicycle didn’t fare as well. I bent the handlebar. I’m planning on staring at my bike for quite a while tonight – convincing myself that I can fix it. Either that or stare at it long enough to convince it to fix itself. Some Jedi mind stuff. I don’t know, I’m new at this.

And then the up. I met with my Little for the first time yesterday evening. He seems like a great kid. His name is Harold and he turned 13 in February. I arrived at his and his Mom’s house at 7:15 p.m. We talked with the case manager for half an hour or so about rules and roles. Harold and I took the Jeep over to St. Ed’s and talked about all kinds of things. We decided that we’re going to meet on Wednesdays when I get off of work.

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