Canyon Lake, Johnny Fin’s, Memorial Day weekend

Elise and I had a nice, long, relaxing weekend. On Friday, Elise and I met each other back at the apartment, installed the bike rack and loaded up our mountain bikes. We rode around Town Lake for an hour or so. Town Lake is where you go when you really want to make yourself feel bad. You can tell by looking at most other people that they didn’t need one extra scoop of ice cream last night. Their bodies move in one solid motion versus a series of mid-section reverberations. Either way, Elise and I had fun.

We were going to go out that night but the bike ride kind of took it out of us. We wound up staying in and watching a few episodes from the second season of the Sopranos.

I woke up early on Saturday and washed the Jeep and the trusty Shadow. Elise and I rode the motorcycle to Canyon Lake and had lunch at the Blue Moon Cafe. I had a really good rosemary mustard char-grilled chicken sandwich. Elise had the grilled chicken quesadillas. After lunch we rode around to see the lake and all of the people floating the Guadalupe River. It was around this point that we realized I needed to get somewhere to get my arms out of the sun.

We rode home, stopping somewhere in Kyle to have a root beer. After getting home around 3 p.m., we both took a nap to recoup. We woke up and went to the mall to pick out a pair of glasses for Elise. After coming home and sharing a sandwich for dinner, we got all prettied up and headed downtown. We first went to the Lucky Lounge. Phtphthphpthpbbth. We stayed there just long enough to drink our cocktails and then high tailed it out of there. We went to Cedar Street next to listen to a band that sounded a lot like Dysfunction Junction, but I was never able to determine. We found a cozy spot at the crowded bar where I indulged in a fat cigar and double Glen Livet on the rocks, Elise had some fruity martinis.

After hours of just her and I talking, we came home and hit the hay. I woke up around 9:00 on Sunday and soaked up some morning air on the patio. Janeen called me around 10:00 to tell me that she and Alfonso were coming into town. Elise and I tidied up the apartment and Janeen and Alfonso showed up around 3:00. We sat on the patio and talked for a little while, then headed to Kirk and Lanessa’s out near Lakeway.

We hung out at and Kirk and Lanessa’s for a few hours. Lanessa’s dad and stepmom were there along with Catherine (Lanessa’s stepsister), B.J., Jason (Janeen’s cousin) and Tonya Minar (Britain). We went to Johnny Fin’s for dinner and drinks around 7:00. My food was pretty blah. I had the crawfish etoufee. Alfonso and I watched the Mavericks lose. Again.

After the basketball game, we migrated downstairs and watched a bikini contest. Uh… don’t really know what to say about a bikini contest. There were girls in bikinis.

We all went back to Kirk and Lanessa’s and stayed up till the wee hours of the morning, shooting the breeze on the back porch. Elise and I came home, I fell onto the bed and didn’t wake up until late Monday. It was nice to wake up on a Monday and not have to go to work.

We went to Target and I bought a couple t-shirts and some new flip flops. We went to the grocery store and bought some shrimp and vegetables with which to make shish kabobs. Elise and I ate dinner and watched the rest of the second season of the Sopranos.

All in all, a very nice and relaxing weekend.

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