Weekend at my parents’, soft top and seat covers

I don’t know why I’m compelled to write about the events of the past weekend and week’s end. Oh well. Last Friday Elise went to Killeen to visit friends, one of which just had a baby. I went over to Tommy’s and watched the Lakers finally win a game against the Spurs.

We slept in late on Saturday morning and then headed to Central Market and then to my parents’ house. We got to Mom and Dad’s around 5 p.m. I cooked Arrabbiatta with farfalle pasta. Everyone said they liked it. I didn’t. I think I should have sprung for a better prosciutto. We also had Caesar salads a la Central Market. I cannot get enough of CM’s Caesar dressing. I don’t know what it is – I just love it. I’m seriously thinking about getting a part-time job at CM just so I can have an inside advantage to acquiring that recipe. I’m starting to twitch and foam at the mouth just typing about it. I’m scratching my arms now. I’m about to curl in the the fetal position and place myself in a corner.

We chatted for a while after dinner and then all went outside to start on the Jeep’s soft top. Mom and Dad went inside to watch their Sopranos DVDs. Elise and I stayed out in the barn most of the night and finished installing the soft top.

We woke up on Sunday to Dad cooking bacon and eggs. We hung out in the living room most of the day and talked. I watched the Lakers beat the Spurs again. Elise and I headed home at 6 p.m. We got back to Austin just as the sun had gone down. We hopped on the trusty Shadow, went to Target and purchased Hawaiian themed seat covers for the Jeep – hibiscus and surfboards.

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