Outback, Toy Joy, Katz’s, Wood’s, Harley

Elise and I had a really great time this past weekend. It started out with Elise driving me to Killeen on Friday evening to see where she works. We then drove up and down the main highway trying to find a place to have our Friday night date. We settled on the Outback Steakhouse. El had the grilled barbeque chicken and ribs. I had the rack of lamb. El had a beer, I drank a couple pansy drinks with a straw.

We went home and Elise watched me play Time Crisis 2 on the PS2. I borrowed that game, plus a couple others from our next door neighbors to whom we finally introduced ourselves. We went to bed pretty early. Saturday was a big day.

We got up at 7 a.m. on Saturday, showered, etc. and headed to Austin. I had an appointment to have the trusty Shadow checked out at 10 a.m. It rained. For 60 + miles, your humble narrator got dumped on and sprayed by 18-wheelers. Oh well. People always ask: “What happens when it’s cold and rainy?” I get cold and wet.

We dropped the bike off and looked around the new showroom at Wood’s Fun Center. Nothing fancy, just a bigger showroom. I did sit on a Honda RC51… nice!

After leaving Wood’s, we cruised over to Holland Photo to get some more of our wedding pictures developed. Yeppers… it’s been almost a year and we still have 15 + rolls of film to have developed.

Lunchtime! We headed over to Katz’s Deli for sandwiches. Elise had the corned beef and pastrami. I had the Reuben. We always do this: we both order an entree and then realize that we ordered too much. Eventually we’ll learn… order one meal and save some money.

Then we went window shopping. We went to Toy Joy on the Drag, then to a consignment shop where I was completely outnumbered by braless, patchouli wearing women. Ugghhh. Toy Joy was awesome. They had every knick-knack and tiddlywink you could imagine.

After all of our running around, it was time to pick up the Shadow. Then it was off to Philip’s. After watching a little MTV2 and engaging chit-chat, we decided we wanted frozen daiquiris. We went to the liquor store and to HEB to purchase an ice-crushing blender.

We went back to Philip’s apartment and made the heat quenching refreshments. We sat on the patio and shot the breeze for a couple hours. Philip had to run to a friend’s house and Elise decided she wanted to go back to HEB to get something for dinner. I stayed at Philip’s and racked my brain trying to figure out his remote controls to the TV, DVD player and the stereo.

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