Today from Mom & Dad’s

Elise and I arrived at my parents’ house around 10 p.m. last night. We ate lasagna and salad. We all sat and talked for a while. Dad went to bed around 11, Mom and El sat on the couch and talked for another hour while I goofed around on Mom’s 48k connection. El and I went to bed around 1 a.m.

This morning we got up around 8. We ate breakfast and I went outside and watched some of those really big hairy bees suck the sweet juice from the flowers in the garden. They’re those bees that are the size of you thumb – the ones with the deep yellow thorax (I think, I don’t remember my insect anatomy) and the solid black abdomen.

I petted Simba and found a locust resting on a morning glory leaf. I went inside to get El so I could show her the locust. We went back outside and I pointed out the bug to her – he attacked her. He flew off of his leaf and hit her in the stomach. I guess it was because she hadn’t yet brushed her teeth.

We’re about to leave to go to Katy Mills (gigantic touristy outlet mall). It’s a tax free weekend. The women have informed us that it is our job as consumers to go out and spend money.

El needs a new pair of shoes (sheeesh). I’m hoping to make out with a semi-automatic rubber band gun so I can blast through the rabid shopping masses and get my place in line at a kiosk to listen to the new Lil Romeo and Jerry Jeff Walker compilation CD. Or I might opt to sit in one of those massaging chair displays to contribute in the spreading of head lice, butt weavles and scabies.

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