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Ah, where to begin. Last Friday was okay at work. I started on a project that actually gave me something to do. I’m working on updating the online physicians directory for S&W. That just killed time until 5pm when I got to leave to go to Austin.

That was probably the best motorcycle ride I’ve ever been on! The weather finally turned. It was around 72 degrees, it had rained late in the afternoon so it knocked some of the humidity out of the atmosphere. I rushed home from work, cranked up the stereo to an old Metallica CD, packed my backback, strapped on the leathers and hit the road.

I stopped at a local filling station where they provide free air for your tires (very rare). Then it was off to Austin. The backpack kept my posture, the aforementioned music was still gunning in my head, the trusty Shadow was stickin’ to the road because the rain had washed away the sludge and everyone was in a Friday night rush. Because of the chaps and heavy jacket, the wind wasn’t beating me like in most instances. I just blared down the road averaging 90 (keeping up with traffic, of course [wink]).

Anyway – it took me less that an hour to get to Austin. El got home from work shortly after my arrival. We called up ol’ Victor and went to the Mr. Gatti’s buffet. Then we picked up some beer and hung out at the apartment for a while. I decided that I want to go see my old friend Cody (see groomsmen pictures in wedding section) spin (DJ) at Amazon – so we all packed up and went downtown. We all had a great time. Every time Cody, or Dan (Cody’s mentor) spins at Amazon, we get to hang out in the DJ booth. We headed home, Victor got the munchies so we stopped at Jack in the Box where he ordered everything off the menu (not really, but if you know him, you know he can pack it in).

Saturday El had to work early in the morning. I think I slept in until around noon. Not so much by the old hair of the dog, but from being sleep deprived from earlier in the week.

Actually, Victor called and woke me up because we had been giving each other rainchecks for about a month on lunch at Java Noodles on E. Oltorf. Victor, his sister, Lisa and I drove up the road for lunch. I wouldn’t suggest eating at Java Noodles. I read in the Chronicle that the chef was one of the 2 best [overall chefs] in Austin. ???. I think it was his day off!

After lunch, Victor and his sister went to have their taxes done. I went home and tooted around on the computer and watched some 90210. That was pretty much Saturday.

Sunday, El had to work early again. I, well, pretty much sat and watched TV again. I think I just needed some rest. Plus it was nice to be back where most of my stuff was. And it was good to have Riley just veg on my lap all day.

El came home, we went to HEB and bought stuff for chicken Caesar salads. I came home, grilled the chicken and made the salads. It was time to go. It was close to 6pm and I wanted to beat the night’s cool air. El walked out with me and we said our goodbyes while the trusty Shadow warmed up. She started to cry. I hugged her and I got a little teary. I sucked it up so as not to make her more upset. I told her to start looking for jobs in Temple now – that I was going nuts without her. There’s really no point in us being apart. We’re going to have to pay rent on 2 places for one more month regardless of who’s living where. She concurred.

Elise has been landing some photo gigs here and there. This weekend she is shooting her boss’ grandfather’s 85 birthday party – so I think she’s waiting until the stress of that is over before she starts to look for jobs here.

I just really wish she was here with me. It’s really hard to come home at night and try to crack a joke when your better half isn’t there to laugh with you.

Elise never reads these postings, so I can write this… “Elise, find a job and move down here now and I’ll give you long, heartfelt massages every night until July!!!”

Today went by quickly. I’ve been working on this physician directory update for work. This has given me the opportunity to go into the hospital and clinic and meet some people. Everyone here is really nice – and they will actually sit there and talk to you. I had to get some updated information for a surgeon today. I thought I would have to talk to her secretary. Nope, I actually talked to a surgeon. It’s really breathtaking to be in the presence and engaged in conversation with someone who saves lives for a living. It sort of makes you reevaluate your own dreams. I didn’t talk to her about that stuff, but I just makes you think.

I went to college as pre-med. I even went to the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine in D.C. my senior year of high school. I dumped that idea because I wanted to go into politics (I was big into student government in high school). Then, computer science – was that ever a mistake! Then, Communications. “Communications?… what the hell are you going to do with that?” Well, luckily I chose a good ‘area of specialization’. You always hear those stories about how people never go into the field in which they were trained in college. I think I have.

Oh yeah, and if you really want to impress someone, refer to your resume as a CV. Curriculum Vitae. That’s what a physician’s resume is called. Of course, your CV would probably need to be around forty pages long!

Anyway, it’s about that time for Elise to call. El, if you ever read this – I’m serious about the back massage thing!

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