I’m moving to Temple, I hate AOL, I hate Hartz

Elise and I just got back from Temple. We moved some small stuff into our new apartment that will hold me off for a little while. We brought some cooking supplies, a TV, radio, alarm clock, my bathroom stuff, etc. Tomorrow we’re going to move up the futon, my clothes and my computer.

Speaking of computers… Looks like I’m going to have to hunt down one of those “1000 free minutes” AOL CDs so I can be online. I hate AOL. No sense in paying for Roadrunner at two places. And it’s going to be hell having to go back to a dial-up connection. Tomorrow, while El is cleaning (this was her idea, I promise) I’m going to set up the computer. This means I’ll have to reinstall my old 56k modem – fun! Good news though – Roadrunner is cheaper in Temple!

We were trying to figure out which room was going to be the bedroom and which was to be the office. Upon making that decision, we then attempted to visualize where all of our stuff was going to go. I can tell you this much, our home office is going to be lacking in the way of feng shui!

We came back into Austin to find a not-so-welcome letter from Hartz in our mailbox. Seems they don’t believe that their product nearly killed our little Riley. DO NOT USE HARTZ MOUNTAIN CORPORATION PRODUCTS!!!

If you haven’t heard the story of how we almost lost Riley last year, click here. You must have Real Player installed to watch the video.

Well, gotta go start packing up my clothes!

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